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Warn your family, a real Wing Chun Kung Fu Superstar in a living room

Kung-Fu Superstar is a new Kinect game from Kinesthetic Games, a developer formed from former staff at “Codemasters, EA, Climax, Lionhead Studios and others.” It’s also a really good excuse to clean up your living room and perhaps send your kids to their friends’ houses, lest they all be kicked.

Kung-Fu Superstar purports to teach you real martial arts techniques, which you use to play out the story of kung fu enthusiast Danny Cheng, who hopes to “discover the secrets of Kung Fu and become the most popular martial arts stuntman Hollywood has ever known.”

The game is clearly made for Kinect, but studio head Kostas Zarifis tells Joystiq, “We’re developing the game for multiple platforms (Kinect definitely being one of them). The game will have a very important controller component too!” Wii and PS3 are both listed among the tags for the YouTube clip embedded above.

Learn real Kung Fu as you set on an epic quest to become Hollywood’s most popular action star! Check out the trailer.

This is a definitely good tribute to all Ip Man and Wing Chun fans, no wonder if Donnie Yen will be playing this game. What do you think?

Kung Fu Superstar

More info you can find here:


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