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Martial Arts Movies 2011

It’s time to wake up guys after a long winter (somewhere hot, somewhere cold) and jump into the sunny spring time. Film makers are ready to surprise us with a new pack of martial arts movies 2011. So let’s look a little bit closer to movies which will be released very soon… ready? Star, go!

Undisputed 4

Scott Adkins still in the perfect shape after Undisputed 3 The Movie, I hope the born of his first daughter wouldn’t effect on his production schedule and he, together with Isaac Florentine, will start working on Undisputed 4. There has been a lot of discussions about the script of this martial arts movie 2011, Adkins asked fans to give their ideas where Boyka must go to and who he can fight in the next part of popular action movies 2010. I can say Scott liked an idea about travelling to China and fight some local champion. If you want to join discussion, follow Scott Adkins on Twitter @TheScottAdkins.

Armour of God 3

Other cool news came from Jackie Chan about his long-waiting project Armour of God 3 or Chinese Zodiac. Jackie wanted to do this kung fu movie long time ago but because of his busy schedule he couldn’t do it, so now he promised to start working on it and all the fans will be happy to see Indiana-Jones-style adventures of Asian Hawk. Probably this movie wouldn’t be among hong kong movies 2011, but Jackie never disappointed us with Asian movies before, so it is worth our waiting. By the way follow official Jackie Chan news on Twitter @EyeOfJackieChan.

Sucker Punch

I am mot sure I want to see this movie, but it has so tiresome commercial everywhere, so nobody will miss it. After so manly movie 300 Zach Snyder is going to surprise audience with a true girl movie for guys, it is like turn the pages of comic book blended with cheap Maxim magazine. I sure Sucker Punch will gross impressive money in Japan and other Asian countries, where everybody likes short skirts mixed with anime and samurai stuff. From some point of view it looks like martial arts movie 2011, but do not be hooked on kung fu wing chun related stuff, it is just another Hollywood chewing gum with special effects.

About another interesting project which will definitely becomes one of the best martial arts movies 2011 I will tell in the next part of report.

To be continued…

Watch amazing fight of Jackie against Amazon women.

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