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Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, 33 Years Anniversary

33 years ago the best Asian star Jackie Chan played one of his best roles in his career Chien Fu in martial arts movie Snake in the Eagles Shadow. It was an amazing collaboration of the great martial artists and director-fight choreographer Yuen Woo Ping. Premiere of this movie took a place in Hong Kong on 1st of March 1978.

A poor orphan Chien Fu accidentally saves the life of the master of kung fu Pai Chan Chenyu, the last surviving representative of the Snake Fist school, destroyed a sinister clan of the Eagle Talon. Noble master takes him through the disciples to give him the secrets of his fighting style.

A student is so talented that creating his own style based on teachers techniques! Very timely invention, which will soon have to undergo the most severe test when a horde of followers of the Eagle Talon headed by Shen Kuan going to find Pai Chen-Chen and kill him.

While shooting a fight scene Jackie’s hand accidentally touched a sharp sword, which was supposed to have a dull blade, Jackie screamed in pain. Director, thinking that it should be continued to shoot. In the film, we see real blood. Hwang Jang Lee knocked out a Jackie’s tooth with a powerful blow. In the final scene of martial arts movie Snake in the Eagles Shadow you can clearly see the gap from the knocked-out tooth.

The fact that classic hongkong films are not always good. But sometimes even classical works better assess the later years in order to compile the most complete view and ignore the conventions associated with the name of Jackie Chan. If, instead of the young Jackie, in this movie was playing another actor, probably, the viewing experience would be completely different, but fortunately in this martial arts movie rising star Jackie played his role perfectly.

Snake in the Eagles Shadow, despite the mass of absurdities and even ridicule, can be advised to all the young viewers who have seen Jackie Chan’s only in Hollywood productions, but may be familiar with his classic 80′s movies (Projects, Wheels on Meals, Armour of God, Police Story). It all started much earlier!

Also Known As:

A kobra Hungary (imdb display title)
Bruce vs. Snake in Eagle’s Shadow (undefined)
Die Schlange im Schatten des Adlers West Germany
Eagle’s Shadow USA (reissue title)
Il serpente all’ombra dell’aquila Italy (video title)
Kaca v orlovi senci Slovenia (imdb display title)
Kotkan varjo Finland
L’ombre du serpent France
La serpiente a la sombra del águila Spain
Le chinois se déchaine France (video title)
O Grande Combate Portugal (imdb display title)
She xing diao shou Hong Kong (Mandarin title)
Snake and the Eagle’s Shadow Philippines (English title)
Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow Hong Kong (English title)
To fidi sta nyhia tou aetou Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)

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